Best Tips to Create Awesome Instagram Images

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Best Tips to Create Awesome Instagram Images

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You’ve probably checked your Instagram feed once (maybe even twice) today before reading this post. No worries. You and 300 million other people are on the same boat – making Instagram one of the fastest growing social media platforms today. Let’s face it: Humans love sharing their experiences and moments with other humans. Facebook wouldn’t shell out $1 billion to purchase the social media app without knowing its true value and popularity.


Instagram Camera SettingsSince Instagram first came out, it’s been upgraded with photo editing tools that allow users to do almost anything with their pictures. Not to mention, tons of third-party apps and sites have sprouted as a result of Instagram’s growth. But with so many tools to use, what can you do to create awesome images? Here are five tips to help your photos look #InstaAwesome:


1. Use the right camera settings


Taking pictures through the Instagram app is simple and straightforward, but the resolution and clarity of your image will be much higher if taken through your phone’s native camera application or other select camera apps. Shooting at higher resolution is key to getting the best quality photos, especially when Instagram automatically compresses photos when you upload them.


Our smartphones today boast high megapixel cameras and even record in HD. Some smartphones offer camera features, like HDR, image stabilizer, and low-light exposure. Experiment with all the capabilities that your specific phone offers and see which ones yield the best results.


Rule of Thirds

2. The focus isn’t always the center


Just because you want something in your photography to be the center of attention doesn’t mean it has to be in the center of your image. You can put your gridlines to good use by applying a composition guideline called the “Rule of Thirds.” The most important object in your image can be put along the lines of your grid, or where the lines intersect to give your images structure, while still maintaining a creative vibe.


3. Use the sun to your advantage


We know shooting directly into the sun can be very tricky, but who can resist trying to capture a colorful sunrise? By playing with angles, perspective, and even the time of day, you can use the sun to your advantage to give your images a new flare. Especially when it comes to photographing silhouettes, the sun can be your best friend.


4. Quality in quantity

It’s hard to get the perfect picture on the first shot. You may not always have time to schedule a full-blown photo session just for Instagram, but simply trying out different perspectives will help you take dynamic photographs. It’s better to have options to choose from when looking back at your camera roll, rather than being forced to settle for a single shot. Taking several shots can also help you discover new styles of photography and – who knows – could lead to the next Instagram trend.

Rule of thumb: Tap that capture button a couple extra times before moving on with your day. You can always delete the excess pics later on.


Photo Editing Apps

Source: Fast Company

5. Use other photo apps


At this point in Instagram’s development, we have a mini-Photoshop in the palm of our hands. It has also opened the doors for hundreds of other photo-editing apps that allow you to do almost anything to your pictures. So if you’d like to give your images a different twist, try using third-party apps and experiment with the different tools they have to offer. Here are just a few apps that can give your images a new look with just a touch of your screen:


  • VSCO Cam – Photo editing app with a unique set of filters and adjustment features.
  • Snapseed – Retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit, and more with the touch of your finger.
  • Manual – Custom exposure for your iPhone camera.




The theme here is to focus on the details and experiment with new perspectives with your photography. What you choose to photograph is important, but how you choose to photograph it can make a huge difference. You never know what you may come up with by switching up your apps, lighting, and angles. Good luck trying these tips out and taking your photo skills to a new level of awesomeness.


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